Here are some of my past clients’ kind words and the comments past trainings’ participants left for me. I always feel so humbled, grateful, and privileged to read these and learn that some of the tools I shared in my trainings became the tools of personal liberation, empowerment, and the foundation for a new, healthy, and thriving life!


Dr. Mary Krueger, Women’s Center Director,  Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio:

Olga’s keynote presentation at the Northwest Ohio Silent Witness Project 2015 Unveiling Ceremony revealed her deep empathy for individuals affected by traumatic loss. Her presentation—and her presence—reflected a generosity of spirit one rarely encounters in this line of work. Olga’s remarkable combination of knowledge and compassion was informative, encouraging and healing for our large audience; with our smaller group of victim advocates and other professionals, she was warm and unfailingly approachable. Everyone felt truly heard, understood, supported AND challenged. Olga’s visit has been a true gift to the NW Ohio community, and we are deeply grateful.


Anita Sanchez-Serda, Executive Director of Sylvania Area Family Services, Inc, Sylvania, Ohio:

Compassion and Support are key words to describe Olga Phoenix and the effort she puts forth in her work with our program to broaden awareness about Domestic Violence and how as advocates, we strive to self-care through to a vicarious trauma-free life. Her story is relatable, heartfelt and informative with solace, humor and solutions! I want to thank Olga for allowing our cohort to take the next step forward in thinking as though we have unlimited resources to make a difference in Sylvania and Lucas County, Ohio.


John Etchemendy, Executive Director at Safe Embrace, Reno, NV:

It was great having Olga come out and facilitate a training for our staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors.  Most of us have participated in her webinars –but being able to have her engage with our advocates and address their individual concerns was terrific!  Olga tailored her training on Trauma-Informed Services and Vicarious Trauma Prevention to our unique community and was sensitive to our resource challenges when discussing program design.  Thanks for coming out Olga, drop by for a visit anytime!


David Theis, Executive Director at Ann Martin Center, Emeryville, CA:

We hosted Olga with Vicarious Trauma and Trauma-Informed Services trainings twice in 2015.  She has a special way of dealing with such a tough topic employing gentleness and humor.We look forward to integrating organizational self-care into our work. Thank you and good luck with all things!


Janet Routzen, Executive Director at White Buffalo Calf Woman Society, Mission, SD:
Olga presented to advocates for our organization and to other service providers in our community and did an excellent job. The information and her techniques for sharing information were powerful and transforming. As an organization that faces trauma each and everyday, I am dedicated more than ever to help our staff to prevent vicarious trauma in their lives, thank Olga for your work!!!

Tina Toth, M.S. Sexual Assault Counselor at Rape Crisis Center of Horry and Georgetown Counties, SC:

Well researched and nurturing of spirit, Olga Phoenix guides advocates in the development of a personalized and thorough self-care plan to be vicarious trauma-free. Olga’s in-person workshops are ripe with experiential learning and introductions to practical tools for wellness. Olga embodies an inspiring level of enthusiasm in her trainings and is the cheerleader advocates need to feel renewed and invigorated in their work.


Carmen O’Leary, Executive Director at Native Women’s Society of the Great Plains, Timber Lakes, SD:
Olga brings her own experience as an advocate to the training. Nobody without that type of background can really explain to other advocates on how to heal from trauma and what triggers will leave you in a position to be less then effective for those seeking your help and also detrimental to your own well being. Olga’s training helps you and your staff stay in balance and offer effective services to those in need of safety.


Lynden Carola, Child, Adolescent, and Family Therapist at Alaska Family Counseling, Anchorage, AK:
I attended Olga Phoenix’s workshop in Anchorage Alaska at the Child Maltreatment Conference in November 2014. I really enjoyed listening to Olga’s material about self care. She is very animated, knowledgeable and vivacious. Although the works shop lasted an entire day, the time seemed to just zip by as Olga is very entertaining! The workshop was really thorough, inspiring and thought provoking. I watched as all the supervisors from various nonprofits and agencies in Anchorage furiously scribbled notes and vowed to use Olga’s suggestions to help their employees avoid and treat vicarious trauma. It’s great to see the paradigm finally starting to shift in trauma work. This information could not come at a better time for me as I am a recently graduated as a counselor from the MS program at Alaska Pacific University. I suffered from vicarious trauma after volunteering for a local rape crisis center a few years ago, although I could not put a name to the feeling at the time. I just knew I felt bad, paranoid, cynical, angry and guilty that I was not “strong” enough to help others. Using the material that Olga provided I have been able to make self care and vicarious trauma prevention a priority for myself and avoid being burned out in my current job. Thank you Olga!


Mandy Busch, MS, LMHP at Project Harmony Child Advocacy Center, Omaha, NE:
The Six Dimensions of a Vicarious Trauma-Free Life, presented by Olga Phoenix at Project Harmony conference in Omaha, NE was relevant, engaging, and informative. Olga presents the material in a way that encourages meaningful self-reflection. She makes it comfortable to acknowledge how our own lives are affected by the work and her in-class exercises help us to realize that we are not alone in those feelings. I appreciated not only this awareness, but the concrete tools she offers to help attendees address vicarious trauma. I wish I had been through this course much sooner in my career!

Kim Simmons,DSS Liaison/Transportation Coordinator at Meg’s House, Greenwood, SC:
Olga’s training on Self Care opened my eyes that we as advocates, must take care of our body, mind and soul. Without Self Care, we can get burned out quickly. The best part of Self Care Training was Olga teaching us to meditate. She made is really easy and the meditation really helps mind and body to relax and be stress-free.



Trainings Participants:


…A simple practical plan of action in order to remain effective while helping others
“Olga’s honesty and humility, along with happiness and enthusiasm to share her knowledge are inspiring! She presented a simple practical plan of action in order to remain effective while helping others. As a result of this training I re-incorporated yoga and meditation in my wellness plan. I will invite Olga back to help our agency to develop an organization-wide wellness plan. Great work!”


…Olga was fantastic! Please, please come back!!!
“Olga was fantastic! Really enjoyed the training-I learned so many things that I will do to improve my well-being! I will allow myself to rest and take time that I need to take care of me, so I will be able to take care of my family and my work without burnout. I am also planning also create a vision board, and be gentle and supportive with myself through daily affirmations. Would love to learn more about each of the topics in depth! Please, please come back!!!”


…Crisis survival tools were great for me as a survivor working in the field
“Olga was very open and honest, sharing her experiences about working in trauma field. As a result of this training I will be more self-aware, present, and self-compassionate while doing trauma work. Crisis survival tools were great for me as a survivor working in the field. I will take the tools from the training to my staff, so we all can implement a working, sustainable, and effective wellness plan. More trainings on wellness with Olga please! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HER!”


…Olga’s training gave me practical tools for my Tool Belt
“Olga’s training gave me practical tools for my Tool Belt, such as guided meditation, affirmations for every day examples, etc. I am now more mindful of opportunities for gratitude, and that it is a powerful example of self-care. The visualization part of training where we thought of someone being compassionate towards us was especially helpful, because it made me realize how much better my family makes me feel! I will put the affirmation Olga gave us on my mirror, so I grow in self-compassion every day!”


…After Olga’s training I found my way back to the attitude of gratitude
“In the past I used to struggle with taking things for granted, but after Olga’s training I found my way back to the attitude of gratitude! I realized how much I have to appreciate, love, and live for, which in return makes me a happier person. Thank you for allowing me to take time for myself and make sure to tell those I love that I LOVE THEM! Another technique I found especially helpful is centering my mind at the end of the day through ‘leaving work at work rituals’.”


…Research behind burnout really opened my eyes to NECESSITY of sustainable wellness plan
“Olga has great positive energy and is free-spirited and informative! The discussion of research behind burnout and vicarious trauma really opened my eyes to necessity of self-care and sustainable wellness plan. I got tools now to stop, think, and create my vision board with my lifelong goals and aspirations. I will also allow me to be more loving, supportive, and encouraging towards myself, and stop being so hard on myself.”


…After Olga’s guided meditation, I was amazed at how much better I felt
“Olga’s wellness plan opened my eyes, and I now have tools to incorporate it into my daily life, starting with journaling and exercising more. I feel empowered to love on me more and make more time for me because I deserve it! I will take time out at work, especially on a stressful day, to meditate. After Olga’s guided meditation, I was amazed at how much better I felt after such a relatively short exercise! Thank you, Olga, don’t EVER change!!


…I will take time to intentionally rejuvenate my body, mind, and soul as a part of my new wellness plan
“I really enjoyed this training and thought Olga did an exceptional job! We touched on the issue of not being able to control other people, but being able to control ourselves. It was an insight that changed my perspective on my job, my family, and friends! I will take time to intentionally rejuvenate and refresh my body, mind, and soul as a part of my new wellness plan! Thank you, Olga!”


…I would like all this information to be put on CD to take to my co-workers and family
“I enjoyed Olga’s training very much! Well organized, not academic, but fantastically practical! Olga gave a wide range of practical and fun activities to do and that can be done daily, in order to self-care. I learned to not work as much overtime. Make more time for my family. Appreciate my talents and gifts more. I would like all this information to be put on CD to take to my coworkers and family.”


…Fostering gratitude is such a great tool to prevent burnout!
“I loved Olga’s training! Especially information about identifying compassion fatigue and burnout in myself and my staff, and now being able to help them and myself with my new tools! Fostering gratitude is such a great tool to prevent burnout! It’s so easy to be cynical. I will now work on shifting my focus to positives, and work on appreciating progress, not perfection.”


… I was shocked to realize how I much I needed self-compassion. Thank you Olga!
“I was shocked to realize how I much I needed self-compassion. The compassion generating exercise made me think about how I open and willing I am to receive compassion from others and from myself. I will be reaching out to my support system and reconnecting to my friends and my hobbies. Thank you Olga!”


… I will introduce the vision board in my support groups at work!”
“Olga’s training was great aid in re-focusing and reconnecting to my own sacred centervalidated the necessity to honor myself. I will allow myself to make time for me, and will pay better attention to wellness as I support my client, co-workers, and friends. I loved vision board activity. Not only will I make it personally as soon as I get home, but will introduce it in my support groups at work!”


… Just love Olga’s ideas, EVERYONE needs this training!
“Now I can clearly see the effects of trauma in myself. I will slow down in my personal and professional life, and become more present in my time spent with my family, coworkers, and clients. I will also incorporate a gratitude list writing in my daily activities. Just love Olga’s ideas, please create a list-serve with emails-reminders, EVERYONE needs this training!”


… I found out that it’s okay to think of me first! What a relief! Thank you, Olga!
“The most helpful part of the training was about recognizing Vicarious Trauma and its effects on my personal and professional experiences. It helped me recognize some signs and behaviors within me, before it got out of hand! I found out that it’s okay to think of me first! What a relief! Thank you, Olga!”


… Olga, please come back with more policies for wellness in the workplace!
“I struggle with taking care of myself and usually end up burnt out. This training reinforced the importance of self-care, and gave me tools to develop my own personal wellness plan. The practical applications are very helpful because I can use them myself and with clients. I will pick out one thing out of my wellness plan weekly and practice it often. Olga, please come back with more policies for wellness in the workplace!”


I would like to add from the bottom of my heart, that I am really proud of all of you, trauma professionals! Your dedication, hard work, and positive changes you make in people’s lives every day, are incredible, inspiring, and moving! I am deeply in awe of you and all you do! Go forth, do incredible things, and self-care! In deep gratitude, Olga


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